What possible conflicts or challenges do companies face in today’s world?

  • Stiff competition

  • Digitalization – Artificial intelligence

  • Lack of specialists

  • Lack of young talent

  • Demographic change

  • Political influences

  • Unforeseeable environmental effects

  • Personal/family challenges

Personnel and Economic Impact of Time Demands

  • Latent discontent

  • High absenteeism

  • Strong fluctuations

  • Declining sales


In summary: The general parameters mentioned here impede the success of corporate visions. In this situation, at least one or even several of the NONNA principles are not being practiced.

Master the Status Quo

DAS NONNA PRINZIP is explicitly geared towards individual entrepreneurial solutions. Each methodically elaborated principle is an important element for achieving your strategic goals. The 7 principles coherently ensure resilience, stability and successful realignment of corporate processes.