As a corporate consultant, I support and guide you in your corporate, professional and personal goals using DAS NONNA PRINZIP.

the 7 nonna principles

1.  Love and Dedication

Intelligence without the heart means nothing.

2.  Time Management

Time as guiding, supportive potential.

3.  Clarity in Expression and Content

The art of clear words leads to targeted, efficient action.

4.  Listen Actively

Greater efficiency by promoting employee potential.

5.  Recognition and Appreciation

The force driving the desire to perform.

6.  Process Focus

s.d.f. – start.do.finish.

7.  Credibility and Sincerity

The basis for confidence and trust.



  • sets new organizational processes in motion.
  • supports you in transformation within the company.
  • guides you in realizing your company’s goals and visions in cooperation with your workforce.
  • creates a resource-rich place that people can successfully help shape with their passion. The focus returns to the intrinsic motivation to perform.

you introduce new trends to brilliant business management.


Consulting by Principle

The consultation process is divided into two successive sequences. Each sequence lasts a maximum of three hours. In the interim, you reflect your experiences with your first concrete results.

Additional Services

Please do not hesitate to contact me with your individual requests.


Fees are scaled according to the number of employees.


Interested in more information?

I will be glad to answer your questions personally and explain the capabilities of DAS NONNA PRINZIP.